Morocco: Travel Experience During COVID-19 Pandemic 2020

Royal Air Maroc: Flagship carrier of Morocco. (Photo credit to RAM FB page)

Experience of traveling to Morocco during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Traveling experience has changed. since the Covid-19 pandemic. There are more travel requirements and restrictions. Morocco has opened its borders with several travel conditions. Foreigners can enter Morocco with a PCR test, vaccination card, and hotel reservation (updated as of August 2021).

To know updated travel conditions for Morocco:

  • Consult the Moroccon embassy or consulate in your country
  • Know your airline requirements for traveling
  • Royal Air Maroc, Morocco’s flagship carrier posts travel requirements to and from the country

Requirements for Foreigners Travelling to Morocco with no Residency

  • Hotel reservation
  • 72 hours PCR test from the time of the release of results to the time of boarding the plane
  • Only countries that are visa-exempt can travel to Morocco

We were given a permit to travel to Morocco by the Moroccan Consulate in France before the country announced that they are opening for tourism. Lease contract of the apartment was submitted to the Moroccan consulate, with copies of passports of people traveling. We were given a stamped paper by the Moroccan consulate to travel on the special flights by Royal Air Maroc. Special flights of Royal Air Maroc have a more secure schedule than other flights and airlines that are the first to cancel if there is a sudden change. I am not sure if the lease contract is still accepted after the opening of borders for tourism. 

Morocco COVID-19 Test results

As of writing this, PCR test of 72 hours result is required to travel to Morocco. The serology test is not required anymore.

Country of Origin

  • Check-in from the country of origin before boarding plane, the PCR and serology tests were checked.
  • Immigration PCR and serology test is checked again.

Arrival at Morocco (Casablanca)

  • Upon arriving at Casablanca airport after embarkment, before going to immigration there is a desk that checks the PCR and serology tests
  • Immigration checks the COVID-19 test results and proof of residency
  • After immigration, the same documents are checked

Extra Covid-19 procedures during travel to Morocco

  • Wearing of facemask
  • Social distancing in the airport is not strictly followed, unfortunately.
  • After the immigration counter at Morocco, we had to line up at the immigration office and someone would check again the proof of residency/booking with passport.
  • Then going down we filled out 2 forms for the police checkpoint (i guess because we arrived after curfew, not sure if it is for all)

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