Morocco is open for tourism travel since September 2020 with requirements for Covid-19 health safety. Covid-19 travel requirements for Morocco include Covid-19 PCR test of 48 hours before boarding plane. A hotel booking is required for tourist travel to Morocco.


  • Moroccan citizens (tourists stranded abroad, students or residents abroad) and their families,
  • Citizens of other nationalities residing in Morocco and their families.
  • Professional visitors with an invitation from a Moroccan company.
  • Foreign nationals with a hotel reservation.
  • Foreign business travelers who are nationals of countries not subject to visa requirements will be able to visit Moroccan companies upon simple invitation from the latter.
    • Print the invitations on the letterhead of the inviting company. (including identifiers, particular ICE, RC number and address).
    • Signature and seal by an authorized person from the company.
    • Purpose of visit
    • Full names
    • Passport numbers
    • Date of entry into Moroccan territory
    • Residence in Morocco.

Foreign nationals who are nationals of countries not subject to visa requirements and who have a confirmed hotel reservation in Morocco

List of Countries that are Visa Exempt on Travelling to Morocco

  • Algeria
  • Kuwait
  • Germany
  • Latvia
  • Austria
  • Liechtenstein
  • Australia
  • Lithuania
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Luxembourg
  • Argentina
  • Mali (Besoin d’une AEVM)
  • Belgium
  • Malta
  • Bahrain
  • Mexico
  • Malaysia
  • Niger
  • Brazil
  • Norway
  • Bulgaria
  • Zealand news
  • Ivory Coast
  • Oman
  • Canada
  • Portugal
  • Chile
  • Netherlands
  • China
  • Philippines
  • Cyprus
  • Peru
  • Congo (Brazzaville) (Besoin d’une AEVM)
  • Poland
  • South Korea
  • Puerto Rico
  • Croatia
  • Qatar
  • Denmark
  • Macao (Administrative area)
  • Spain + Andorra
  • Czech Republic
  • Estonia
  • Romania
  • United States of America
  • San Marino
  • United  Arab Emirates
  • Slovakia
  • Russian Federation
  • Senegal
  • Finland
  • Singapore
  • France + Monaco
  • Switzerland
  • Gabon
  • Slovenia
  • United Kingdom
  • Sweden
  • GreeceTunisia
  • Guinea (Conakry) (Besoin d’une AEVM)
  • Turkey
  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Hong-Kong (a stay limited to 30 days)
  • Hungary (a stay limited to 30 days)

For more information on the conditions of access to Morocco, please consult the website of the



  • Negative Covid-19 PCR test of 48 hours from date of result up to the time of departure.

( update as of October 1, 2020)

  • Covid-19 serological test is not required.


Download, print and complete your health card before your travel.


Flying with Royal Air Maroc:

Wearing a mask is compulsory on all of its flights. Handbags and bags for children and for computers are allowed on board as cabin baggage.

Information on personal experience travelling to Morocco with Covid-19 requirements. See post at Travel to Morocco During Covid-19 Pandemic



Experience of travelling to Morocco during Covid-19 Pandemic.

September 6, 2020 Morocco opened borders for tourism.

Requirements for Foreigners Travelling to Morocco with no Residency

  • Hotel reservation
  • 72 hours PCR test from the time of release of results to the time of boarding the plane
  • Only countries who are visa exempt can travel to Morocco

We were given a permit to travel to Morocco by the Moroccan Consulate in France before the country announced that they are opening for tourism. Lease contract of apartment was submitted to the Moroccan consulate, with copies of passport of people traveling. We were given a stamped paper by the Moroccan consulate to travel on the special flights by Royal Air Maroc. Special flights of Royal Air Maroc has more secure schedule than other flights and airlines as they are the first to cancel if there is sudden change. I am not sure if  lease contract is still accepted after the opening of borders for tourism. 

Morocco COVID-19 Test results

As of writing this, PCR test of 72 hours result is required to travel to Morocco. The serology test is not required anymore.

Country of Origin

  • Check-in from country or origin before boarding plane, the PCR and serology test were checked.
  • Immigration PCR and serology test is checked again.

Arrival at Morocco (Casablanca)

  • Upon arriving at Casablanca airport after embarkment, before going to immigration there is a desk that checks the PCR and serology tests
  • Immigration checks the COVID-19 test results and proof of residency
  • After immigration the same documents are checked

Extra Covid-19 procedures during travel to Morocco

  • Wearing of facemask
  • Social distancing in the airport is not strictly followed, unfortunately.
  • After immigration counter at Morocco we had to line-up at the immigration office and someone would check again the proof of residency / booking with passport.
  • Then going down we filled out 2 forms for the police check point (i guess because we arrived after curfew, not sure if its for all)

Morocco: Ouazzane

Ouazzane Morocco

Travel to Ouazzane, Morocco if you are going to Chefcheouen and you like dried figs, dates and have an authentic Moroccan robe souvenir. Stop by Ouazzane to have a quiet and peaceful time away from the tourist.

Ouazzane is a province north of Morocco. It is near the more popular city of Morocco – Chefcheouen. Ouazzane is a small agricultural and artisan area. The artisans in Ouazzane weave and sew traditional Moroccan clothes that are long dresses with long sleeves. Best souvenir to buy in Ouazzane are dried fruits such as dates and fig which are done in the area and are very cheap. Other places in Morocco buy the cheap dried fruits and traditional clothes in Ouazzane and resell it at a higher price.

The province of Ouazzane is very religious and no alcoholic drinks are allowed. It is a very laid back province. Small streets at the Medina of Ouazzane are colored green giving its own unique charm.

Ouazzane, Morocco-2

What to buy in Ouazzane

Dried Fruits

Figs and dates are very cheap to buy in Ouazzane. These delicacies which are expensive in other areas. Ouazzane is the best place to go if you like sweet dried figs and dates.

  • Dried prunes
  • Dates
  • Dried Figs

Traditional Moroccan Clothes

Ouazzane is an artisan place of handwoven fabrics which are handsewn and embroidered into robes and dresses. the dresses and robes are long with long sleeves which can be worn during summer and winter. If you are looking for a souvenir of authentic handwoven and handmade traditional Moroccan clothes, Ouazzane is a good area to visit.

How to go to Ouazzane


  • Take the ONCF train and go down at Souk Al Abraa station. If you are booking online select the station to Chefchaouen.
  • There is a connecting (Supratour) bus from the train. You can pay the connecting bus directly from train booking.
  • Take the bus going to Chefcheouen and go down at Ouazzane.


Another option to go to Ouazzane is by bus. There is the main bus station in Ouazzane that goes to Casablanca and vice-versa. Buses also go to Tangier.

Check previous post on Morocco: Public Transportation

Where to stay in Ouazzane

Ouazzane is not a tourist area. There are not many hotel options. Near the plaza area, there are some hotels. The hotels are small and basic, only offering a bedroom and toilet to stay for the night. There provide service, no restaurant, and no amenities in the hotel

Travel Tips

Good Points

  • There are no annoying freelance tourist guides offering their service
  • Taxi drivers are honest and fair – not giving a foreign rate
  • Experience a quiet authentic Moroccan town with no touristy frills


  • Not many choices for hotels. There are only basic low standard hotels that do not serve breakfast, no room service, no wi-fi, no amenities. Think of basic rooms with bed and toilet for rent per night.
  • Not much choice for restaurants. There are only local spots to eat Moroccan dishes such as tajine and kebab.

Ouazzane Morocco

Morocco: China Town

There is no real China town in Morocco as the Asian community is small in the country. At Casablanca there is an area comparable to China town in the sense that there are low cost made in China items sold in shops and by the street at a small neighborhood. The vendors and shop owners are mostly Moroccans not like the real China town wherein most of the shop owners are Chinese immigrants.

Shops and street best buys:

  • kitchenware – casserole, pan, utensils, plates, glasses
  • bedding – duvet, bet cover, pillow
  • toilet equipment – shower curtain
  • organizers – portable cabinet, indoor clothes dryer
  • decorations – mirrors, painting
  • fabric

Chinese Grocery

At the same area there is a Chinese grocery that serves Asian condiments and food that are hard to find. It is also the only place I found that sells pork meat.

Some of the best finds at the Chinese grocery:

  • Pork
  • Maggi seasoning
  • Hot pot / Shabu Shabu balls
  • Sio mai / dimsum (beef)
  • Dried vegetable snacks
  • Noodles for stir fry and soup

Chinese Grocery map:

*Map may not be accurate. Landmark is Yammy restaurant along boulevard Rahal El Meskini 

Derb Omar 

Derb Omar is like the China town of Casablanca. This is best place to go to if  you are looking for cheap buys and do not want to go to the tourist-y medina and haggle.

Derb Omar map: 

Morocco: Electronics Repair, Buy and Sell

CASABLANCA: Where to go for a one stop place for electronics such phones, television, laptop, computers, camera, and supplies.

Phone / Sim Unlock. Moving to a new country may require to unlock your mobile phone sim card for a local one. If you want to keep your cellphone from home and unlock your phone / sim, this is the best place to go. I personally did this and it worked well. Cost: 600 Dirham.

Repair. Backpacking, enjoying the countryside means roughening your equipment as well. Accidents cannot be avoided such as dropping electronics that result to screen cracks that need replacement. Or having your phone fall down in water and need some new parts. This is the place to to go for the most common and uncommon electronic gadget repairs.  

Trade-ins. There will be some men who will offer a deal to buy your phone/laptop/camera in exchange for another model. Be careful with this as the authenticity of the trade-in device may not be guaranteed.

Television Cable Box / Satellite / Connection. If you are an English speaker and do not know Darija, Arabic or French, finding your favorite English shows at the local television connection is close to impossible. Unless you discover where to buy the cable box connections that almost has all the languages.

I tried the Dreamsat, all you need is a stable internet connection, HDMI cable (included) for television connection. And you can follow most of your favorite English shows. You will need to ask the vendor to connect you to English channels and a code will be downloaded. Connection is good for a year, ask the number of the vendor for the annual renewal of code. Cost: 700 dirham.

Mobile phones, Televisions, Laptops. Can be bought at a lower price than in shopping malls and commercial shops such as FNAC and Virgin.

Electronics Supplies. Parts, chargers, cables, screws, special batteries. You can be lucky to see difficult to find parts and supplies here.

Electronic Repair Tools. If you want a DIY repair, you can also find screws, screwdrivers, repair and and cleaning equipment.

Software and Applications.  Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Adobe. Educational, professional and personal applications and software can be found here a a very low cost.

So where is this place in Casablanca? 

Derb Ghallef. 

How to go there: Just tell the taxi driver – Derb Ghalef electronic (electronique)

Tip: Download the app Jumia and compare prices if the vendor is giving you a good offer.




Morocco: Doctors & Dentists (English Speaking)

English Speaking Doctors and Dentists in Morocco.

This is to help English speakers in Casablanca, Morocco who have minimum to no knowledge of French, Arabic or Darija language. The information of the health practitioners and services are from English speaking embassies such as UK,  US and some suggestions from online forums. 

It is not easy to settle at a new country especially when you do not speak the language. Health service is essential in life and it is important for a patient to properly communicate with a health professional for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

All the doctors are competent and their English fluency gives a huge advantage to cater to English speaking expats.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Call the contact numbers to confirm the address as the doctors may change their location.



Clinique Dentaire Ghandi
Orthodontie: Dr. Ali Ouazzani.
265 Bd Ghandi – Riviera
Very good English

3, Bd. Med Abdou.
0522-273-314 / 0522-268-038
Post Graduate at New York University
Very good English.

Dr. Hassan BELKADY.
Tour 3 Laayoune # 3. Romandie 2. Bd. Bir Anzarane.
Very good English.

Dr. Laila Serrhini
237 Bd Zerktouni, Residence El Kheir 1st floor
Good English


Angle Rue Kadi Iass et Rue Assâd Ibnou Zarrara, Place du Marché. McDonald’s building: 0522-258-484 /Fax: 0522-258-225
Very good English

Clinique Dentaire Ghandi, 265, Bd. Ghandi: 0522-983-333
Good English


Dr. Colette Locatelli
Dermatology-Venerology – Esthetics
45, rue de l’Atlas, Maarif.
0522-234-575 / 0522-230-874
Good English


Dr. Nadia Amarouch, ENT
Tel: 05 22 98 23 27 (appointments necessary)
Address: 2, Rue des Fauvettes, Bd Abderrahim Bouabid.
Located in Oasis, very close to the market
300dh / consultation (fee may change)
Used to work with the Moroccan military.
Some English.


City Police:
Call 19

Gendarmerie Royale (Police service outside city/countryside)
Call 177

Call 15

Call 15

– or –

05.22 25 25 25 (Consultation- care – transport)

S.A.M.U.(Service d’aide médicale urgente)
This is a service that will deploy an ambulance to your home. They have equipped ambulances for ICU. Call only in case of major emergencies: cardiac arrests, loss of consciousness. In case of car accidents where there are major injuries, call on them first.

Emergency 24 hours Doctor available.
Dr. Lotfi MOHAMED GSM : 0661 45 30 30.


Dr. REDA Anouar
GP Tel:
Competence en echographie
Makes House Calls
Speaks English

Dr. Alain Guidon
6, Rue Jean Jaures 0522-267-153
Some English


Dr. Faouzia Layachi
73, Abdellah Ibnou Nafii–Maarif…casablanca…
Specialties…gynecology….delivery…infertility…gynecological surgery…breast disease….
Very good English


Dr. Alaoui Fdili M’hamed:
Bd. D’Anfa, en face de la commune Sidi Belyout, Rés. Casa-Anfa 79 Angle rue Jaber Bnou Hayane. Tel : 0522-484-118/Fax: 0522-48-41-28
Good English

Dr. Med Bennani
120, Bd My Idriss 1er:
0522-860-268/69 Fax: 0522-860-270
Specializes in Laser treatments
Good English


Clinique Zerktouni d’Orthopedie – Traumatologie
Dr. Med Lemseffer (Fairly good English) Dr. Benzakour (Good English). Member of Am. Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons/Dr. Abderrazak Hefti
Angle Bvd Mohamed Abdou et Bvd 9 Avril, Quartier Palmiers
0522 25 33 00 /Fax: 0522-992-121


Dr. Dalila Ghazali
Rue Ibnou Katir. Rés. Mawlid. Imm B – Maarif ext: 0522-983-390.
Good English

17, Rue Nassih Eddine, Rés. Anfa 3: 0522-992-609/345
Some English


49, Rue Jean Jaures: 0522-270-374
Some English


Dr. Rachid El Khettar
Rés. Jassim Houssam, 175, Rue Boukraa, prés hôpital My Youssef, 2eme étage, Apt 7: 0522-492-375 /Fax: 0522-492-378
Fairly good English


Pr. Nadia Kadiri
Uni psy Centre Ibn Rochd. Bd Tarik Ibn Ziad / Consul privée : Clinique Ghandi (lun–Ven) Après midi: 0522-224-109/0522-367-405
Very good English

Pr. Driss Moussaoui.
Uni Psy Centre Ibn Rochd, Bd Tarik Ibn Ziad
0522-224-109 /0522-204-102/Fax: 0522-294-707
Member of the American Academy of Psychiatrists
Excellent English


Radiologie Akiki Berrada / Centre de Radiologie Aboumadi/ Dr. Akiki Mustapha / Dr. Berrada / Dr. Belhoucine / Dr. Benkirane Hakima.
25 Rue Ilya Abou Madi, Gauthier
0522-203-457/58, Fax: 0522-474-009
(Drs. Speak English)

For Mammogram and dental x-rays.
5 Rue Ali Adberazzak
Doctors speak English


400 Bd ahim Roudani: 0522-233-552 Fax: 0522-233-267
Good English


Fairly good English

72, Rue d’Agadir
Very good English