Useful Applications in Indonesia

QR Code Scanner

QR Code Scanner. This is a requirement in Indonesia. Not a recommendation. Not a tip. QR code scan app is definitely a must have. Luckily most phones already have this built in application. During Covid pandemic, Indonesia requires everyone in the county to download an application for tracking and a QR code scanner is required when entering public places. Everything is scanned by QR code in Indonesia. From restaurant menu, receipts, product information and others that you may not expect.


Language Translator. English in not widely used in Indonesia. Even in the capital Jakarta it can be challenging to to talk with an Indonesian unless you are within an international community. Translator application is useful when asking for directions, and assistance from locals. I use Google Translate and is also useful when translating labels and talking directly to the application to translate. Download the Indonesian language in order to use the application even without internet.


PeduliLindungi. This application is required during Covid pandemic. Vaccine certificate is uploaded to the application. Public places such as shopping malls require visitors to be vaccinated. Using the PeduliLIndungi application a QR code is scanned before entering building and it will show vaccination status. You can be denied of entering establishment if you do not have the application and cannot provide proof of vaccination.


GoJek . This application the Indonesian equivalent of Uber or Grab. Gojek offers more than just a transportation hailing app, it offers delivery from restaurants and groceries, cleaning and repair services. The good thing about Gojek is that you can navigate the application in English and pre-empt messages with driver have English translation.


GoPay. This is an online wallet wherein you add money by connecting your bank/card. GoPay can be used restaurants, goods, services, groceries, taxi, utility bills and many more. The great thing with GoPay is that you can use it online and to pay at a physical store. Simply scan the QR code of the merchant, enter the amount you need to pay and that’s it!


Grab. Another transportation hailing app with several additional services. Grab and GoJek are similar in many ways it offer services. Through Grab you can order groceries, arrange a pick-up and delivery, and order restaurant delivery. The good thing about Grab is that the app is in English.


MyBluebird. Bluebird is the official taxi service in Indonesia. Regular taxis are colored blue and you can use the application like Gojek. Inside the Bluebird application you have to option to book a fancier taxi called Silverbird which with vehicles such as Toyota Alphard, Toyota Camry and Mercedes E200


Tokopedia. This application is the Indonesian equivalent of Amazon. You can find all sorts of product in Tokopedia from electronics, repair, household, entertainment, fashion and groceries. Option ranges from official brand stores to cheap sourced items. I prefer Tokopedia from Shopee and Lazada for the ease of use and bigger product range available.


Shopee. Similar to Tokopedia. Navigating the app is more challenging. Customer service is less helpful than Tokopedia. Advantage of Shopee is that it has more option for fashion products such as clothes, shoes, and accessories. Shopee is mostly preferred by women.


Lazada. Another all in online shopping application that is widely used in Indonesia. I haven’t used Lazada but it is commonly recommended. Original branded stores also have official Lazada account.

Happy Fresh

Happy Fresh. Mostly for grocery items. This application is useful for bulk buying of grocery items if you do not have time to go out. Delivery fee is higher and you have to pay for shopper fee. This is useful if you are looking for specific food products not available within your area.

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